About Us

Media Service Group, a division of Tapes Unlimited, Inc., has been offering professional media services since 1977. From its roots as a tape duplication and packaging company for the corporate and educational market, to its expanded services as a media production facility, Media Service Group has realized and serviced our clientele’s needs.

Media Service Group continues to be the most trusted source, amongst our clients, for quick, high quality optical disc creation, duplication, and packaging while at the same time offering the concept to completion solution through its media production services.

Media Service Group is a family owned business whose strengths are tight quality control and personal relations with all of our clients.  Starting at our company’s conception, we have dedicated our name to being synonymous with the ideals we stand fast upon:  Quality, Service, and Customer Satisfaction.  These qualities make us stand out in a highly competitive market from many other companies.  The long history that follows us, and the sincere efforts to maintain long standing relationships with loyal customers has proven successful and beneficial for both client and service provider.

New and existing clients find the convenience of a one-stop facility as being time saving and cost efficient.  Media Service Group will assist you in the completion of your product from conception through production and into final packaging.